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In 2016, Waterview Hospitality, LLC was formed as a joint venture with Michael B. Holtz and Michael P. Holtz to undertake the management of the hotels that MPH Hotels, Inc. develops.  Waterview's primary objective is to maximize the Net Operating Income of each hotel to bring the full value to the ownership entity of that particular hotel. Currently, Waterview has contracted out all management services to MPH Hotels, Inc. utilizing its corporate team for expertise. Waterview’s objective is to manage limited service and extended stay hotels in the eastern part of the United States.  Lastly, Waterview’s success will be accomplished through a strong adherence to the Guiding Principles of the Company.

Waterview also contracted with MPH Hotels, Inc. the same Daily Reporting System web based program called DRSPro. Every day all members of the company login into the system and review all the important revenue and payroll information of our hotels. You can compare them to last year and to budget.  They can also compare themselves with the other hotels in our group between MPH and Waterview. If you would like more information about DRSPro you can click here.




Michael B. Holtz

Michael B. formed Waterview Hospitality LLC as the majority owner and manager in February 2016 and joined MPH Hotels in May of 2009 as a project manager for the construction of an 86 room Comfort Suites.  Over the next couple years he worked in operations starting at the front desk until being promoted to General Manager.  After a brief hiatus from the hotel business for 18 months he returned to MPH Hotels Inc. as Director of Purchasing in November 2009 which led to a VP of Development title in January 2011.  Since 2011 Michael B. has developed and constructed 13 hotels in 4 states.   He formed Waterview Hospitality LLC in February 2016 as a hotel management company for all future developments of MPH Hotels, Inc. Currently as Executive Vice President of MPH Hotels, Inc. he is responsible for overseeing all construction and operations while working with the President of the company on new developments.

MB 23 LLC:

MB 23 LLC was formed in October 2014 with Michael B Holtz owning 100%.  This is a hotel investment company to build wealth over time.  Since inception MB 23 has invested in 6 hotel deals as manager and/or member.




Michael P. Holtz

Michael P. founded MPH Hotels, Inc. in 2003. This is a privately held company that develops, builds and manages hotels. Mr. Holtz is  the Former Chairman Of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ:NMS. He was elected to the Hospitality Hall of Fame in 1991 by Lodging Magazine. He founded, designed, developed and managed the AmeriHost Inn hotel brand from inception to nearly 125 hotels open. He has also developed and constructed over 150 hotels in 20 states, acquired, renovated and repositioned over 50 hotels. He grew a company from 2 employees to over 2,500 associates in 18 states. and was the president of a Top Ten fastest growing companies in Illinois by Crain's Chicago Business Review in 1986.



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